The Menu: typical land and lake-based dishes

The Menu: pasta alla Bagossa, malfatti, tortelloni stuffed with Bagoss cheese and much more…

The excellent restaurant’s selection is characterized by a top-quality cuisine tied to the territory, and not only. At Villa La Pausa you can taste local delicacies starting from first course dishes like pasta alla Bagossa sautéed with the famous Bagoss cheese, white tortelloni “di magro” (with a meatless filling) alla Bagossa, or egg tagliatelle with local porcino mushrooms, risotto with mountain nettle, malfatti (gnocchi made with bread and wild herbs) seasoned with butter and sage, and fresh homemade maccheroncini sautéed with lake Perch.


Among the second courses, the kitchen offers Brook trout, grilled Trout fillets or fried lake Perch. Meat lovers will appreciate the tender sliced beef “Tagliata di manzo” served on soapstone or the “Tagliata di cavallo” (sliced fillet of horsemeat) served on a bed of rocket salad.


As alternative options, the menu offers lamb chops, escalope alla Bagossa or jugged venison with grilled polenta made with Storo flour. The second courses can be accompanied by various seasonal side dishes. All the desserts are homemade, like our carrot cake or nut cake, the tiramisu, the ricotta and blueberries cake and our trio of pannacotta. And finally, we suggest an excellent house coffee with whipped cream.

The restaurant also boasts a top-quality pizzeria equipped with wood-fired oven: among the pizzas we would like to recommend our “Oro di Storo” (Storo’s Gold) made with yellow flour, Bagoss cheese, chicory tips and bacon.


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Villa la Pausa is located in via S. Giacomo, 42 a Ponte Caffaro (25072) – Bagolino (BS).

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